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PCP 360 - Positive Confident Parenting

PCP 360 is the parents answer to confident positive parenting. As a parent it is not only your duty to build and provide a safe inclusive home environment, it's also to build life long relationships. Leaving a legacy of care and security for your child/ children's overall well-being. Parenting is not easy and whoever says it is please let me speak with them. 

Each child even if you have more than one in your household is different and has different needs and social interactive requirements. Some are extroverts and others introverts and those like me are in between. Gaining the best balance between parenting and not losing yourself is about PCP 360. 

PCP 360 workshops give you the tools to parent in a fun, caring individual way to fit you and your child/children's needs One way does not fit all and each family dynamic is different. Over the 6 weeks as you participate in the workshops you will gain positive skills to empower you to parent and build stronger family relationships. PCP 360 strengthening families for a lifetime. 

£197.00 6 weeks workshop

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