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I remember the days I stopped looking at myself in the mirror. I didn't like who I saw looking back at me.  

I really wanted to be Happy with me, Live Healthy and Lose Weight. I had tried to lose weight before, lost weight but gained more, lost the weight then gained it again. I was so frustrated, I beacame distressed, because my pre-existing medical condition did not help. I needed a practical, simple soloution to my problem one that was realistic, that I could actually manage and live by day to day. 

I began a new program which transformed my life and I became excited. I was feeling happier my outlook was brighter, I was losing weight even when I was sleeping. It sounds crazy but I'm a walking testimony of how the positive changes made in my life brought about a transformation. 

I decided I could not be selfish, and I have to share with others the amazing experience I have and am still living. Others need to feel like I do, happy, confident, comfortable in my skin and loving me and the woman I have become.  

Today, Ana Miss Thang is a Knowledge Broker in Personal Development, Weight Loss and Management.

Fabulous and Thriving Academy is a total 360 holistic program in revitalizing the body, mind, and soul.  

This 13 -16 week program with 12 months continued support, is a well-being, lifestyle changing, weight loss and management plan, which is totally adaptable to your everyday life. The program will give you a mental, dietary, and physical overhaul, with weight loss of 5lb minimum per month. Whether your fighting fit have hidden disabilities or pre-existing medical conditions like me or just need to learn new lifestyle habits, this is for you. 

The program is not for you if you are not serious about positive change. 

Why Wait to Transform Your Life. Don't delay sign up today!! 

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£1,497.00 13 weeks programme

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