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Have you ever had those days where you think am I losing my mind, what could I be doing wrong in my parenting, why is my child/ren unsettled, maybe anxious and family confusion? 

The kids are screaming no one is happy and everything you seem to say, suggest or do seems to be what no one wants? It's okay we all have those days when we just want to curl up in a ball and disappear for a while but it's what you do after and how you handle it is what will make all the difference. 

Being a parent is not an easy job there is no manual and no return to sender when it's not going how you planned out in your head. The key to positive confident parenting is acceptance. Knowing what your strengths and weaknesses are but also learning to adapt and try new things. Like you your children are all different and not everything works the same for each one. 

How do we overcome parenting challenges? With PCP 360, it's simple. Positive Confident Parenting is a strengthening families programme which supports you in parenting. 

From Terrible Twos to Troublesome Threes, teenagers going through puberty, pushing boundaries or needing your support about their sexuality. You will gain the skills and be given the tools to become that go to parent who builds positive life-long relationships with your children. 

PCP 360 is a support programme for parents of all ages but the main focus is on children and young people 10 - 18 years. This age group find it harder to have smooth transitional development especially where hormones, peer pressure and social media have an impact.

PCP 360 will provide parents, carers, legal guardians and extended family the skills and tools needed for Positive Confident Parenting 360 days of the year. Why only 360 days well that's because you are definitely entitled to 5 free me days no kids allowed if you desire.

If your ready and willing to work and build long-lasting relationships with your loved ones then this course is for you. 6 week intense twice a week or 12 weeks every Sunday it's up to you. Don't delay a life changing experience awaits.

Book a free parenting consultaion and speak to someone today. 

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