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IReach Project

The IReach Project started out as a youth ministry initiative "Friday Night Hang Sessions". There to give young people the opportunity to speak out, share and feel comfortable in their own skin in a safe space place with all welcome.

Today in our new normal (Coronavirus) it is now online offering Daily Nuggets from the Lord, prayer and spiritual support for any who seek it. 

IReach Project is an advocate for those who live with or have experienced Mental Health or Abuse. Wednesdays are known as "Wellness Wednesdays" and the different categories surrounding mental health and abuse are highlighted to bring awareness and knowledge to the impact and effects of each topic discussed. 

Support, signposting to organizations and the confidence to contact any if the need arises is encouraged. 

You are not alone. Together We Can!  

You can watch Daily Nuggets Monday to Friday online.  

Please go to Youtube and subcribe. 

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