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Ana Miss Thang is the voice of that woman in the wilderness. One who has overcome adversity in childhood as well as in adolescence and only after years of living and being in fear has broken free and now speaks her truth to empowerment. 

Anastasia's story is not so different from many but then it is because it's her story and no one can tell it the way she can. From child sexual abuse and domestic violence to being a teen mother and putting her self through her higher education while all the while going through challenges. Later to become disabled and develop Lupus (SLE) and now many other pre-existing medical condition's. 

Fighting depression and low self esteem and the constant battle with weight loss management. Learning to love her whole being was not easy but over time and a change in mindset "FAT" being Fabulous & Thriving and "FLAWESOME" was born. 

Today Anastasia is a woman with a vision to share her journey to empower others to speak their truth to empowerment.

$175.00 per hour

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