Anastasia Ross is a Woman of Vision a trail blazer in fun inovative and new ideas. A woman of God, Lupus Warrior and Domestic Violence, Sexual Abuse Survivor. A budding Author, sharing her story on living with a life changing disability and her journey with weight gain and weight loss management. Anastasia is a weekly Inspirational Vlogger on YouTube the "IReach Project" Today's Nugget from the Lord, and Online Talk Show Host Ana Miss Thang "OMG - Real Talk" Sunday evenings on FaceBook and YouTube. 

Staying true to you, and your values is the key to your freedom. What is your belief system? Mine is to leave a legacy of kindness, happy, healthy and successful people. 

My favorite word is “Jubilant” because I am expressing great happiness and triumph. 

I am an Exceptional Woman. I embrace my flaws, they are part of me, but I recognize I am awesome. I am “FLAWESOME”.   

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