Anastasia Ross is a Woman of the Most High God, Daughter, Mother, Sister, Cousin, Aunty, Ya Ya, Best Friend, Mentor, Coach, Business Consultant. Author, Inspirational Vlogger "IReach Project" Daily Nuggets from the Lord (on YouTube), Online Talk Show Host "OMG - Real Talk" Sunday evenings on FaceBook and YouTube and International Speaker. That sounds like a whole lot, right? 

In life, we are to the people around us, something different. To every individual we have a different purpose or meaning. Staying true to you, and your values is the key to your freedom. What is your belief system?  

One of my favorite words is “Jubilant” why, because I am expressing great happiness and triumph. 

I am an Exceptional woman. I embrace my flaws, as they are part of me, but I recognize I am, still awesome. I am “FLAWESOME”.   

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