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Do you have personal goals you have made and still desire to achieve? Do you feel confident in who you are? Are you positive, and empowered being you, whether it's in personal relationships, negotiating a salary increase, maybe you desire a whole new career, to start your own business or return to study? Do you know how to overcome the myth of work-life balance? Do You Feel Whole?

Sometimes there are so many questions, and you need a positive mind with a clear head to guide you. Being confident in your job, social life, building happy relationships with family members, partner, children, and work colleagues takes work. How are you, how do you feel about these areas of your life? Your well-being is important, You can't pour from an empty cup. What is stopping you from becoming the person you desire to be? Today, the Future is Now!

If you would like the support, guidance and empowerment to accomplish your dreams? Ana Miss Thang at the Empowerment Practice can help you make your dreams and desires become a positive and realistic reality.
With Anastasia as your Life Coach, Business Mentor or events Inspirational Speaker, you will be on the pathway to success.

Anastasia's wealth of wisdom and knowledge comes first from the creator and then her background as she has a degree in Law with Community Law advocating for individuals in Welfare benefits, Negotiation & Mediation, Social Housing, Domestic violence and abuse. Social and Child Services, certified in family support and guidance in Positive Parenting, family relationships, breast feeding, child bonding, and building positive life long relationships with your teens into adulthood. Anastasia is an Educator who has worked closely with children and young people in Pastoral Care with Special Educational Needs (SEN) and challenging behaviour providing them the tools to gain skills to navigate their home, education, personal and social lives safely in today's society. Anastasia has a genuine love and care for people, her customer service skills are immpecable. Each person is treated with kindness, dignity and respect she can be firm but never unkind, harsh or disrespectful. Anastasia lives by her motto of P.I.C.K is it "Positive, Inspirational, Caring or Kind" It's about Living Smarter, Not Harder.

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