Anastasia Ross is a Woman with a vision a trail blazer with innovative ideas to making life fun, supportive and empowering. A child of Yahweh, Lupus and RA Sufferer/Warrior an advocate for marginalised women and community social engagement as well as individuals who have suffered or been exposed to Domestic Violence, Sexual Abuse and child Sexual Abuse or Molestation. Anastasia having been a victim herself and is a survivor has overcome the fears that once held her hostage, they are now gone because speaking her truth to empowerment has brought her freedom.

Anastasia is an inspiring Author, sharing her story on battling and overcoming depression, living with a life changing disability, and her forever journey with weight gain / weight loss management, loving herself in all sizes, accepting and acknowledging her value as a woman, a mother, and a human being. When Anastasia shares her story lives are inspired and people desire to be the change in their lives which they need to succeed.

Anastasia is an Inspirational Vlogger on social media platforms such as YouTube/ Instagram and Facebook. Please be inspired by her content, like and subscribe at the "IReach Project" and "Ana Miss Thang" feel free to follow her on Instagram, Twitter, TikTok or LinkedIn.

Staying true to you, and your values is the key to freedom. What is your belief system? Mine is to leave a legacy of kindness, happy, healthy, wealthy and successful people. 

My favorite word is “Jubilant” because I am expressing great happiness and triumph. I am an Exceptional Woman. I embrace my flaws, they are part of me, but I recognize I am awesome. I am “FLAWESOME!”.