Anastasia Ross is a Woman of Vision a trail blazer with innovative ideas to making life fun. A woman of God, Lupus and RA Warrior plus a Domestic Violence, and child Sexual Abuse Survivor. A budding Author, sharing her story on living with a life changing disability and her journey with weight gain and weight loss management. Anastasia is a weekly Inspirational Vlogger on social media platforms such as YouTube/ Instagram and Facebook. Like and subscribe at the "IReach Project" and "Ana Miss Thang"

Staying true to you, and your values is the key to your freedom. What is your belief system? Mine is to leave a legacy of kindness, happy, wealthy, healthy and successful people. 

My favorite word is “Jubilant” because I am expressing great happiness and triumph. 

I am an Exceptional Woman. I embrace my flaws, they are part of me, but I recognize I am awesome. I am “FLAWESOME”.   

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