F. A .T ~ Fabulous & Thriving

Have you stopped looking at yourself in the mirror. DO YOU LIKE WHO YOU SEE? 

Do You Want to Be Healthy and Happy?

Would you like to learn how to lose weight while your sleeping? 

Ana Miss Thang is a Specialist in Personal Development, skilled in revitalizing the mind, body and soul.  

This 13 week intense course with 12 months continued support, is a well-being lifestyle change course to transform your whole life. 

The 13 week intense part of the course will give you a mental, dietry, and full physical overhaul, with minimum weight loss of 5lb per month. Whether your fighting fit or disabled, have a autoimmune disease or just need to learn new habits, this course is for you. 

F. A .T ~ Fabulous & Thriving

F. A .T ~ Fabulous & Thriving

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